I called this filter "The right filter" for several reasons:
       *) First of all DIYers often give a name to their own creations.
       *) The second thing is that phase response of this almost flat ("right" phase response).
       *) Third thing is that this filter may be the right choice for some applications.

The three articles in AudioXpress have limited personnal pretentions in terms of academic riguor. Though, it is written as personnal scientific investigation. That may sound unpleasent to academic people who would prefer "one may" instead of "I, I and I". I apologize for that as these articles are first intended to DIYers. One may be upset by it but this way to write scientific articles is also a way to admit better choices may have been done.

Some time domain measures are presented in my articles as simulations...but they are true measures...

Get the update of corrector 1 by clicking on the link above:
Here is a photo of complete project accessory boards set.
A better corrector 1 in terms of voltage swing is at study.

Backside and frontside of the project.
Comparing predictive formula and Proteus simulations:
This predictive formula intends to give phenomenologic interpretation of relationship between 'phase linearity distorsion' and unexpected undulations of step response.